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Fairport Crew Club provides opportunities for youth grades 8-12 to learn to row and be part of a competitive rowing team. FCC also offers Summer Youth and Adult rowing opportunities.

Fairport Crew Club, Inc. is dedicated to providing an opportunity for high school-aged youth of the Perinton area to learn the sport of rowing. The club fosters a competitive rowing environment and encourages the development of good sportsmanship and the art of teamwork. The Club, a not-for-profit membership organization, promotes the sport of rowing through community activities, education, training and outreach.

Fairport Crew Club, Inc. is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization, making your contribution fully tax deductible.

Fairport Crew Club, Inc. is not affiliated with any High School program and does not receive any public funding to sustain operations. Club membership dues pay coaches and basic operating expenses. Financial assistance is available. Crew members purchase their own uniforms and equipment. Private donations help to maintain and expand the program.

Our boathouse is located at 1399 Fairport Road in Fairport at the south end of Perinton Park. Fairport Road is also called Route 31F. The boathouse telephone number is (585) 377-2458. The mailing address for the club is:
Fairport Crew Club
1399 Fairport Road
​PO Box 1204

Fairport, NY  14450



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